Using Technology to Assist with Workload

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How a successfully implemented EdTech strategy can help reduce workload and improve efficiency.

About this module

In this module we will consider what the evidence tells us about the role technology can play in helping school communities manage the issue of workload. It will consider the broad areas where technology has been shown to have the potential to enhance or transform the work done in schools.

However, the benefits technology can bring are not a given so through the use of case-studies and personal experience the module will look at what the common characteristics are of a successfully implemented EdTech strategy that helps to reduce workload.

The module will then explore some practical examples of ways in which schools are harnessing technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and non-teaching related activities.

This module would be of benefit to anyone interested in knowing more about the potential benefits of an effective EdTech strategy in assisting with workload but is perhaps of most benefit to those in a leadership role; be that in a primary or a secondary school.

Session 1: Using Technology to Reduce Workload – What does the research tell us? will explore:

  • What is the evidence that EdTech can help with workload?
  • What areas of school life can EdTech most successfully assist with workload?
  • What can schools do to maximise the chances of EdTech helping with workload issues?

Session 2: Practical examples - How can technology assist with workload?

  • Examples of how EdTech can effectively help with workload
  • Analysis of the workload benefits to be gained
What you will learn:
  • Understanding the underpinning research: perceptions of the relationship between technology and workload according to role.
  • The common characteristics of a successful EdTech strategy.
  • Practical examples of how technology can assist with workload.