Shaping Leadership Standards

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Shaping Leadership Standards-for those in middle or senior leadership roles

About this module In this module, we will plug the gap between Teacher standards and Head standards, the middle group that most leaders find themselves in. We will consider what these both show and then reflect on what is needed for successful leadership to offer both development and stretch in your role. This will equip you to ensure that all layers of the organisation are promoting transformational change. In addition, there will be some tools for self-reflection to consider personality traits to inform the development of the leadership ‘teams’. There will be a moment to explore ways of working as well as contemplating great leaders. It will offer tasks linked to the schools vision and mission and how standards can align towards these.

This module is appropriate for middle and senior leaders at all phases and contexts.

Session one: A look back- what do we have already that we can use?

  • Effective and ineffective leadership standards
  • Different standards for different teams
  • Who makes up a team, how to lead, tools for growing teams

Session two: A look forward – shaping your leadership standards to enable clarity and stretch?

  • Successfully engaging with leadership standards
  • Drawing on experience to map out leadership standards
  • Using standards for Professional development for leaders
What you will learn:
  • What is needed to lead for maximum impact
  • How to create leadership standards
  • Ways to hold yourself to leadership standards
  • How leadership standards can offer stretch
  • Using leadership standards to build a team