Behaviour - Why Some Pupils Need Explicit Teaching (and how to do it)

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Understanding behaviour needs to overcome barriers to learning

About this module

Getting behaviour ‘right’ and pupils engaged and focused on learning can be an ongoing conundrum; what works for one pupil, class or teacher won’t necessarily for another (and even if it works on Tuesdays, it doesn’t on Friday afternoons…). This module investigates why that might be, and importantly what educators can do about it in our schools.

The sessions will briefly introduce helpful theory around behavioural needs, with the lens that these needs are a barrier to learning for which we must differentiate. As well as reflection into your own practice, these sessions offer many practical approaches and strategies for you to apply with your pupils.

The module is appropriate for teaching staff (including teaching assistants) and school leaders in all phases and contexts.

Session 1: Why do some pupils not know how to behave? will explore:

  • Where different behaviours might come from
  • How much influence we can have over behaviour
  • How to not take negative behaviour personally!
  • Strategies for understanding what unmet needs may be behind disruptive behaviour

Session 2: How to teach behaviour – within your lesson’s curriculum will explore:

  • Examples of explicitly teaching behaviour
  • Strategies for planning within your curriculum
  • Tools for ongoing evaluation of behaviour teaching
What you will learn:
  • Understand why some pupils mis-behave and others easily engage in learning
  • Understand the role you have to play in your pupils’ behaviour
  • Learn how to plan lessons and schoolwide strategies to support learning around behaviour
  • Learn how to explicitly teach positive behaviour effectively