Using Social Stories™ - Effective Learning Support

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Using Social Stories™ as a strategy to support learners with rigid thinking and social interaction and communication difficulties

About this module

In this module we will consider how we can utilise Social Stories™ to support learners with autism and associated difficulties to understand and adapt to the nuances of interpersonal communication and particular difficult situations.

We will discuss how young people and children with autism and similar difficulties find particular situations challenging and how we can support them to adapt and learn specific skills by utilising Social Stories™.

This module is suitable for adults who work with children with ASD and children with similar difficulties across all age ranges.

Session One: What are Social Stories™? will consider:

  • What are Social Stories™ and where did they originate?
  • Who might benefit from using Social Stories™?
  • What are the key elements of a Social Story™?
  • Examples of situations where they can be used

Session Two: Practical examples of how to develop a Social Story™ will consider:

  • The key elements of a Social Story™ in practical terms
  • How to develop a Social Story™ to meet the needs of individual pupils taking into account:
    • their age
    • level of development
    • the specific difficulty they encounter
What you will learn:
  • The origin and key elements of Social Stories™
  • When and how to use them
  • How to take into account the individual characteristics of pupils when developing Social Stories™