Organising and Managing Independence

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Developing meta-cognitive strategies to support independence in learning

About this module:

In this module, we will identify the knowledge skills and behaviours of pupils who are able to use metacognitive strategies and self-regulation to enhance their independent learning in order to explore activities to develop independent learning in the classroom. We’ll consider how to maximise motivation, connecting classroom practice to the research and theory of metacognition and self-regulation giving the participants practical ideas to explore in their classrooms.

This module is appropriate for classroom practitioners in all phases and levels of experience.

Session One: Independence, Metacognition and Motivation will explore:

  • Knowledge skills and behaviours for independent learning
  • The theory of motivation
  • How to teach motivation in the classroom as a means of promoting independence

Session Two: Independence, Meta-Cognition and Classroom Practice will explore:

  • Planning for independent learning
  • Use of self-reflection to promote independence
  • Sharing teaching strategies for developing independence
What you will learn:
  • Understand the theory of metacognition and self-regulation in relation to promoting independent learning.
  • Develop an understanding of the research and practical application of motivation in the classroom.
  • Explore strategies for developing independent learners.
  • Recognise the knowledge, skills and behaviours of independent learners and how these can be taught.
  • Share practical ideas for promoting independence in the classroom.