The Characteristics Students Need to Learn in Challenging Times

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How can we support the development of characteristics that maintain learning during periods of schooling challenge?

About this module:

The pandemic and virtual learning has really tested learners. It has made us realise as educators that we need to develop learners who are effective, whatever life throws at them, learners who can, for example, learn remotely, in person, and for life. In this module we determine that a learner needs to develop certain characteristics to learn best in a range of circumstances, particularly challenging ones. We explore how educators can foster these characteristics and support students to be world class learners in their present and future.

This module is appropriate for practitioners in all phases and contexts.

Session One: World Class learners in uncertain times will explore:

  • Why characteristics make learners World Class in challenging circumstances.
  • Which characteristics.

Session Two: Life-long World Class learners will explore:

  • How to cultivate characteristics in students over the short and long term?
What you will learn:
  • Why it is students’ characteristics which determine their effectiveness as learners, in challenging circumstances and life-long.
  • Which characteristics are most impactful?
  • How to support students’ development of these characteristics in challenging circumstances.
  • How to develop these characteristics over time, so that the student becomes a life-long World Class learner.