Positive Parents – Linking Parents with Student Learning

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How to effectively promote the engagement of parents, carers and guardians to impact on student learning and achievement.

About this module:

In this module we consider the positives of parental engagement (the term parents here includes carers and guardians).

Using the evidence to inform best practice, we will explore the research between parental engagement and student achievement and address the personal, social, cultural, and institutional barriers that inhibit parental engagement. The module aims to help practitioners reflect on the optimal means of communicating with and engaging parents and carers in their own specific context, and through building these positive relationships, support them to develop a home learning environment.

This module is appropriate for all teaching and support staff.

Session One: The positives of parental engagement will explore:

  • The differences between ‘parental engagement’ and ‘parental involvement’.
  • The research evidence behind parental engagement and its effect on student achievement.
  • Case studies of best practise for engaging parents for, about and through learning.

Session Two: Creating positive relationships at home and between will explore:

  • Consider effective communication and how to handle difficult conversations.
  • Practical approaches to overcoming barriers for learning.
  • How to support a home learning environment with current technology and case study examples.
What you will learn:
  • An understanding of parental engagement: the research behind its effects on student attainment.
  • How to analyse your interactions with parents and develop your approaches towards effective communication.
  • How to create an effective ‘home learning environment’ and ways of promoting learning from home.