The Effective Use of Knowledge Organisers

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Focus on: Knowledge Organisers

About this module:

In this module we focus on the role of Knowledge Organisers in school and as part of a blended learning experience. Across these two sessions we consider why so many schools are looking towards Knowledge Organisers as a strategy despite the current debate around whether there is sufficient research to support their use. We look at the theoretical backdrop to their use and how they can support the encoding and retrieval of knowledge as a teaching and learning tool for use within your classroom and beyond.

By taking you through the construction of effective organisers, highlighting some of the common pitfalls and considering effective strategies for their use, participants in this module can ensure that the use of Knowledge Organisers will maximise knowledge gains.

Session One: Do we really need KOs? will explore:

  • Research or rather the lack of research behind the use of Knowledge Organisers.
  • Theory and research that does support use of Knowledge Organisers.
  • Links to cognitive model of how our memory works.
  • Effective Knowledge Organiser through a focus on the positives of using KO’s but also some of the pitfalls to try and avoid.

Session Two: How can we make effective use of KOs? will explore:

  • Avoiding common pitfalls.
  • How to make an effective Knowledge Organiser.
  • How to use a Knowledge Organiser to maximise knowledge gains.
  • Practical and engaging strategies.
What you will learn:
  • Why Knowledge Organisers have the potential to impact on supporting knowledge gains.
  • Some of the common pitfalls associated with Knowledge Organiser use.
  • How to construct and structure an effective Knowledge Organiser.
  • Practical strategies to engage students in the use of Knowledge Organisers to make knowledge gains.