Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum

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From product to process - Transforming the quality and depth of written work.

About this module:

In this module, we explore the writing process and consider how teachers across the curriculum can teach students how to become better writers. Often, writing is seen as a product of learning, but by shifting our focus and attention to the writing process, we can transform the quality and depth of students’ written work.

By supporting students to become more confident writers, teachers can move them from dependence towards greater independence. In order to achieve this, the sessions will consider a range of practical approaches to teaching writing, enabling practitioners to improve students’ writing across different subject disciplines.

Participants will be invited to reflect upon and refine their own practice beyond and between the sessions, with intersessional activities and post session tasks.

This module is appropriate for teachers and classroom practitioners in secondary school contexts.

Session One: Getting to grips with the writing process will explore:

  • From product to process - reflection on the quality of students’ writing in your context.
  • Improving writing and learning - what does the research tell us about what works best?
  • The writing process and how it can help students to become better writers.

Session Two: Process into Practice – Making it work will explore:

  • How the Gradual Release model can support the writing process.
  • Practical strategies and approaches to improve writing.
What you will learn:
  • The importance of the writing process in supporting the development of writing expertise.
  • The key research and evidence about writing and how this can inform practice.
  • Understanding of the different steps in the writing process and how to facilitate the transition from dependence to independence.
  • A range of practical approaches and strategies for teaching the writing process.