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A brief exploration of mastering one’s own mind-set.

About this webinar:

A brief exploration of mastering one’s own mind-set.

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About the presenter:

Warren Carratt is the CEO of Nexus MAT, a Trust he helped establish in 2016. Operating across South Yorkshire, Nexus MAT has a combination of mainstream primary and through-school Special academies. Warren is not a teacher, though started his career as a teaching assistant in SEND 20 years ago (gulp!). A qualified HR professional, Warren has been a senior leader in both local government and the NHS. If you are unable to attend the live session please continue to register in order to access a recording 3 days later.

What you will learn:
  • Explore the drivers for stress;
  • Explore the difference between courage and resilience;
  • Develop some tools for maintaining positivity;
  • Develop an understanding of our accountabilities as educators.