What's the Point in Marking?

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Teacher marking and written feedback, consider the research evidence and explore a range of practices that reduce workload and have a greater impact on pupil learning and progress.

About this module

In this module, we consider the research evidence around the highly debated issue of teacher marking and written feedback. We explore a range of practices that have emerged in order to reduce workload and have a greater impact on pupil learning and progress. The sessions will give examples of practical low-cost high-impact strategies and discuss how to support pupils in receiving feedback to motivate them towards their learning goals. You will have the opportunity to reflect on and refine your own practice in your own context through a series of inter-sessional activities. You can also explore the research more thoroughly through some directed reading.

This module provides a springboard to other available modules in the assessment suite.

Session One: Is there any point in marking? will explore:

  • What we’ve learned about marking.
  • When it’s worth it and when there is no point.
  • Moving beyond marking - how to ensure learners respond to feedback.

Session Two: Low-cost, high-impact feedback will explore:

  • Feedback strategies in action.
  • Receiving feedback – learner to learner feedback.
What you will learn:
  • Understand the context in which debates on marking and feedback have emerged.
  • Understand the key principles that underpin effective marking and feedback.
  • Develop a greater understanding of your own practices in relation to feedback and marking.
  • Enhance your own practice by beginning to see how new strategies and techniques can be applied to your own context.