Building Relationships for Learning

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The importance of relationships in the classroom and the impact they have on behaviour for learning.

About this module:

In this module we focus on the importance of relationships and their impact on behaviour for learning. We’ll consider how we can intentionally promote relationships with and between pupils in order to influence learning behaviours both in the classroom and as a whole school.

Practical approaches to establishing, maintaining and restoring positive relationships for learning between teachers and pupils are explored against a backdrop of research around the role of social emotional learning and social capital.

You’ll be invited to reflect on your own practise in your own context with practical examples and suggestions for you to carry forward to shape interactions and relationships with your students.

Session One: Relationships in the classroom will explore:

  • Building positive relationships for learning: Habits and behaviours. 
  • Practical intentional strategies to develop and embed positive teacher-pupil relationships.
  • Managing behaviour - Purposeful reflection and maintaining relationships.

Session Two: Reinforcing relationships with others will explore:

  • Relationships and the role of social emotional learning and social capital.
  • Motivation and aspirational identity - relationships with parents, carers and families.
What you will learn:
  • The importance of connecting with students in order to shape behaviour for learning.
  • How to build habits and behaviours that are intentionally pro-social.
  • How to build purposeful reflection with students to establish, maintain and restore relationships for learning.
  • The importance of social emotional learning and social capital in establishing relationships for learning.
  • The role of aspiration, motivation and identity.