How to Coach Teachers Who Don’t Want to be Coached

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Why might some staff be reluctant and how can we approach this?

Understanding how to coach members of the teaching staff who are reluctant to being coached is crucial for fostering a culture of professional development and growth within educational institutions. These individuals may harbour apprehensions due to concerns about their competence, fear of judgement, or resistance to change. Effective coaching strategies can help address these barriers by building trust, providing non-judgmental support, and fostering a collaborative environment where teachers feel valued and empowered to enhance their practice. This module will focus on getting to the cause and suggesting some responses to coaching scepticism.

This module is suitable for Instructional coaches, senior leaders (especially with responsibility for teaching and learning/professional development, middle leaders, teachers).

What you will learn:
  • Why might a teacher not want to be coached?
  • Getting to the cause - a diagnostic
  • Three possible responses to coaching scepticism