Understanding and Leading a Whole-School Approach to Mental Health

Premium  Approx 25 mins of video • Activities & Reading

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Insights and tools to implement and lead on a comprehensive, whole-school approach to mental health.

About this module

This module provides an overview of the essential components necessary for implementing a comprehensive approach to mental health within a school setting. We will explore various areas critical to fostering positive mental health among students and staff. The session delves into the importance of leadership in driving mental health initiatives within schools and offers guidance on evaluating existing leadership models. By the end of the module, educators will be equipped with insights and tools to enhance their school’s approach to mental health and well-being.

This module is suitable for senior leaders and those with responsibility for mental health provision in all education settings.

What you will learn:
  • Why is a whole-school approach to mental health necessary?
  • The eight aspects of a whole-school approach to mental health
  • What does successful leadership of a whole-school approach look like?