Practical Approaches to Consistency in the Secondary Classroom and School

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Why consistency is so important and how teachers need to be aware of the effect of internal biases.

About this module

This session looks at the importance of whole school consistency in ensuring that students receive a ‘united front’ from their teachers, and at how individual consistency supports teachers and other staff right across the secondary school. The session also explores the importance of individual teachers understanding their own biases, ensuring that they are internally consistent, regardless of their emotional reactions to individual learners. The session also suggests some practical options for what reasonable adjustments might look like and how secondary teachers can provide additional behaviour support to children who are struggling to behave.

This module is suitable for Teachers, Early Career Teachers, ECT Mentors, Teaching Assistants, Learning Support Assistants, Senior Leaders supporting staff with behaviour.

What you will learn:
  • Understanding why consistency is so important across the secondary school for creating a clear ethos
  • Exploring how lack of consistency can impact on colleagues in other classrooms/departments
  • Looking at the internal biases that might lead us to be inconsistent in our approaches to individuals
  • Exploring practical, flexible ways to support students with additional needs to meet the school’s standards