How to Codify and Exemplify Great Teaching at Your School

Premium  Approx 30 mins of video • Activities & Reading

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What makes great teaching? What does it look like in your setting?

About this module

This module examines the multifaceted approach to defining great teaching through rubrics and exemplars, weighing the associated pros and cons. A key focus will be on navigating the “best of both worlds” by exploring how educators can strategically combine rubrics with exemplars to create a comprehensive and nuanced framework for evaluating teaching. Finally, participants will engage in the practical application of these concepts by exemplifying their own principles of great teaching, aligning their personal philosophies with evaluation frameworks to enhance their instructional effectiveness.

This module is suitable for instructional coaches, senior leaders (especially with responsibility for teaching and learning/professional development, middle leaders, teachers).

What you will learn:
  • To build a shared understanding of excellent teaching across a school.
  • To understand some of the advantages and weaknesses of using rubrics and exemplars.
  • To know how to ground your teaching principles in evidence.
  • To consider how to exemplify your ‘model of excellence’.