How to Build a Shared Understanding of Excellent Teaching Between Instructional Coaches and Teachers

Premium  Approx 25 mins of video • Activities & Reading

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Unravelling the complexities that often surround perceptions of what constitutes excellence in teaching.

About this module

This module looks at the crucial role of establishing a shared understanding of excellent teaching, and the need for a common language and understanding among instructional coaches and teachers to ensure coherent and consistent improvements in teaching across the school. We will unpick common frameworks for teaching excellence and look at how to ground teaching principles in evidence, before considering how to exemplify a ‘model of excellence’ for your setting.

This module is suitable for instructional coaches, senior leaders (especially with responsibility for teaching and learning/professional development) middle leaders and teachers.

What you will learn:
  • To build a shared understanding of excellent teaching across a school.
  • To understand some of the advantages and weaknesses of using rubrics and exemplars.
  • To know how to ground your teaching principles in evidence.
  • To consider how to exemplify your ‘model of excellence’.