Approaches to Implementing an Instructional Coaching Programme in Your School

Premium  Approx 20 mins of video • Activities & Reading

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Learn how to launch instructional coaching in your school with a sustainable, measured approach.

About this module

Launching instructional coaching as a whole school initiative is a complex task. There are a number of obstacles that could exist to ensuring that every teacher experiences a truly personalised professional development programme. This session will explore the different types of resistance that you may encounter, whilst offering a research based and practical basis for creating a strategy that ensures instructional coaching gets off to the right start in your school.

This module is suitable for headteachers, senior leaders in charge of teaching and learning, senior leaders in charge of teacher development and instructional coaches.

What you will learn:
  • What sort of resistance to introducing instructional coaching might you face?
  • What can implementation science tell us about introducing a new initiative?
  • What might a timeline for introducing instructional coaching look like?