Specific Literacy Difficulties: What are literacy difficulties and how can we support in class?

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How can Associate Teachers best support learners with specific literacy difficulties?

About this module

The module will firstly explore what processes are actually involved in reading and writing and look at the building blocks that are required for learners to become fluent and automatic in their literacy skills. We will unpick what we mean by specific literacy difficulties before thinking about how they impact learning, not only in terms of academic outcomes but also how they can affect emotional regulation. Lastly we’ll focus on inclusive strategies that you can use in the classroom to support literacy and encourage independence.

This module is suitable for associate staff across mainstream early years, primary and secondary phases.

What you will learn:
  • What do we understand by the term specific literacy difficulty?
  • How do specific literacy difficulties affect classroom learning?
  • Inclusive strategies support staff can use in the classroom to scaffold literacy more effectively.