What do Learners Need? Communication to Support Understanding in the Secondary Classroom

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What the research says about the importance of clarity of communication in promoting engagement on on-task behaviour.

About this module

This session looks at some of the key research into the importance of clarity of communication in helping learners understand teacher expectations. It explores the links between clear, confident communication and learners’ engagement, motivation and attention, examining the way in which this supports them to understand and cooperate with expectations around behaviour. The session also explores some of the research into the importance of non-verbal communication, particularly for learners with special needs and English as an additional language.

What you will learn:
  • Understanding key research into clarity of communication
  • Examining verbal and non-verbal approaches to communicating clearly with learners
  • Exploring the links between clarity of communication and levels of understanding
  • Identifying how effective communication supports learners with SEND and EAL