Which criteria can help us decide what action steps are ‘high leverage’?

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Which criteria should we consider when writing the most effective action steps?

About this module

The nexus of any instructional coaching conversation is the action step, which states exactly what the teacher will do differently to improve their teaching and pupil outcomes. And yet, action steps are devilishly difficult to get right. This module will set out some key criteria and frameworks to consider when writing and agreeing action steps with teachers of all levels of experience.

This module is suitable for anyone who has a responsibility as an instructional coach, but also middle leaders and senior leaders, especially those responsible for teaching and learning.

What you will learn:
  • Gain insight into Jim Knight’s ‘Big Four’, and the hierarchy of foci.
  • Understand the criteria which all actions steps should meet.
  • Understand some key questions to consider when selecting an area of focus.