Secondary Behaviour: Creating the Climate - Establishing and reinforcing expectations and routines in the secondary classroom

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Practical strategies for setting expectations effectively in the secondary setting.

About this module

In this session we will explore a range of practical strategies to establish better behaviour in the secondary classroom. We will think about clarity of expectations and the way in which these can best be set. We will explore the importance of modelling in establishing effective behaviours for learning. In addition, the session looks at ways in which teachers can take a confident approach and create a perception of clarity and assertiveness for their classes. We will also examine ways in which expectations can be revisited and reinforced over time and consider subject specific routines for different curriculum areas.

This module is suitable for Teachers, Early Career Teachers, ECT Mentors, Teaching Assistants, Learning Support Assistants and Senior Leaders supporting staff with behaviour.

What you will learn:
  • Building a range of effective strategies to establish expectations
  • Taking a confident and assertive approach to behaviour
  • Exploring strategies for revisiting and embedding expectations
  • Thinking about subject specific routines