Pastoral Care that Overcomes Barriers to Learning

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How to identify potential barriers to learning and implement strategies to overcome them.

About this module

The module explores the challenges faced by pastoral systems and staff in schools to enable learners to overcome different barriers to learning and to enable them to make good progress to achieve their full potential. The module encourages a proactive approach based on the belief that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Pastoral staff need to be able to identify the learning barriers that are preventing a learner from making good progress. Pastoral systems can be planned that support young people to become effective learners and provide the motivation and encouragement needed to achieve success at school. The module will consider how schools can work effectively in different roles in schools, with partners in the young person’s education and with external agencies to support good progress. Participants will be provided with some practical strategies that can be used with individual learners to support them in achieving their full potential.

This module is suitable for all staff across all phases and settings. Session 1: Barriers to Learning and Personal Development will explore:

  • Different barriers for learning and personal development
  • How to develop an evidence based response to barriers to learning
  • How to ensure the interventions and support are effective

Session 2: Overcoming barriers to Learning and Personal Development will explore:

  • Explore scenarios to identify barriers that are preventing progress
  • Practical approaches to supporting young people to overcome identified barriers to their progress
What you will learn:
  • The different barriers to learning that can prevent good progress
  • How to implement whole school approaches to supporting learners to overcome barriers to their learning
  • Strategies and actions that can be used by schools to support learners in achieving their full potential