Scaffolding Learning: How to put it up and when to take it down…

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Introducing you to some practical scaffolding strategies - why & how they should be incorporated, and when & how they should be removed.

About this module

This module provides an exploration of strategies to support learner progress in oracy and extended writing across all stages of the curriculum. It provides an opportunity to reflect on your current practice and give consideration to the gradual and strategic withdrawal of structures to create learner independence.

This module is suitable for all teachers, but particularly curriculum leaders and for those who teach extended writing.

Session 1: Why do we need scaffolding at all? Theory and research will explore:

  • What is the argument for structures?
  • What do we use currently?
  • Why do we do it?
  • What is your current strategy for curriculum design?

Session 2: Practical Examples:

  • A range of practical examples of structures to implement in your classroom
  • For each example, a reflection about how to adapt over time to remove that strategy
  • How do we establish the routines and support structures and what are the factors to consider in terms of its withdrawal?
  • Reflections on your own context and next steps
What you will learn:
  • To reflect on and review the theory for introducing structures
  • To evaluate practical examples of support structures to develop oracy and independent writing
  • To reflect on the possible strategies to withdraw these structures.
  • Reflection, throughout on your current provision and next steps for your context