Curriculum Design and Delivery: Implications of Cognitive Load and Schema Construction

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Focusing on the practical implications that cognitive load and schema construction has on curricular design and lesson delivery.

About this module:

Working memory is crucial to pupil learning and has implications on cognitive load. This module gives insight into the working memory, and how information is transferred to the long term memory. We will explore the relationship between intrinsic, germane and extraneous load, and consider the practical implications that these elements have on curricular design and lesson delivery.

This module is suitable for anyone who has a role in instructional design or lessons or training materials.

  • Teachers (for lesson planning)
  • Teacher educators (for teaching teachers)
What you will learn:
  • Understand the implications of Cognitive Load Theory on how we approach curriculum and lesson design
  • Consider examples of how to reduce extraneous load and increase the germane load to produce effective explanations.
  • Reflect and contextualise the theory to our own practice