Supporting EAL Learners in the Classroom

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Supporting EAL students and their acquisition of a second language.

About this module

This module explores some of the fundamentals of supporting students who engage in English as an additional language. We will first look closely at what EAL actually means and the diversity we see in the background and experiences of our students. We will look at key considerations surrounding home language and how EAL learners acquire and develop a second language. This module will also look at the benefits of using home language and multilingualism within the classroom.

This module is suitable for all staff across primary, secondary and inclusion settings.

What you will learn:
  • The EAL Learner
  • How EAL learners acquire an additional language
  • The benefits of home language use and multilingualism
  • The importance of knowing and understanding a learner’s proficiency in English
  • Explicit teaching: How teachers and practitioners can support EAL learners in accessing the curriculum